Pioneering & Luminary

A NextSeq 2000 genomic sequencing instrument displayed against a purple gradient background

Leading the biotech industry with genetic sequencing technology, their innovative approach made genome sequencing accessible.

Amidst cultural shifts and the growing importance of genomics, reimagining their brand posed challenges. In partnership with AM:Collab, Illumina's global brand identity underwent a remarkable transformation, capturing its essence through a brand behavior inspired by the very origin of its name – to illuminate. Light, the fundamental element inherent in both the technology and its etymology, became the driving force behind the redesigned brand. Integrating the concept of light, the design system emanated inspiration, offered guidance, and shared the spotlight with esteemed researchers in the field. This led to the emergence of a brand where light serves as the guiding principle, influencing the graphic devices, colors, and layouts, all meticulously crafted to express Illumina's purpose in a visually compelling manner. Witness the radiant transformation that embodies Illumina's unwavering commitment to illuminating the world of genomics.



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