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Venyda Moton

Co-Founder & Executive Finance Director

Venyda Moton

Venyda Moton is a highly accomplished financial professional, currently serving as the Executive Finance Director at AM:Collab. With her extensive expertise and steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional results, Venyda plays a pivotal role in shaping the financial landscape and strategic direction of the company.

Within AM:Collab, Venyda excels in financial planning and budgeting, meticulously analyzing the company's financial strengths and weaknesses. Through astute evaluation, she proposes strategic directions that drive the company's growth and success. Additionally, Venyda possesses skills in tracking cash flow, ensuring smooth financial operations, and maintaining organizational stability.

Before joining AM:Collab, Venyda gained invaluable experience at JPMorgan Chase. Her project planning skills enabled her to assess risk factors, define procedure scopes, and effectively communicate with diverse teams. Venyda's ability to convey significant findings and potential areas of concern proved instrumental in numerous project successes. She demonstrated expertise in financial analysis, generating and reviewing monthly financial reports, and developing Excel databases for reporting purposes.

Venyda envisions running an efficient business by prioritizing budget management while surpassing expectations. She firmly believes that effective budget management, combined with strategic planning and an unwavering commitment to excellence, fosters sustainable growth and success. Leveraging her financial expertise and meticulous approach, Venyda aims to drive AM:Collab towards greater financial stability, profitability, and industry recognition.