Summer Health

Ease & Warmth


When your child doesn’t feel well, you want someone to help you figure out what to do. Right away.

That’s the idea behind Summer Health, a text-based service that enables parents to reach a pediatrician any time. To start the project, we collaborated closely with the brand’s founders to develop a strategic messaging hierarchy. Three features rose to the top: access to physicians, ease of use, and speed of resolution. Coupled with Summer Health’s desire to communicate warmth and reassurance to worried parents, we positioned the brand as a connector: a savvy, resourceful friend. From there, we developed an upbeat, colorful visual system that includes a logo suggestive of both a sun and a clock, and cheeky icons that help users easily navigate to different medical conditions. The verbal system engages in gentle wordplay to emphasize how quickly and easily Summer Health helps get children back to their happy-go-lucky selves.



Successful and on-time brand launch unlocked additional $7.5 million in investments, which included funding from Chelsea Clinton’s Metrodora Ventures



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