Knowledge & Vision


Seer transforms the study of proteins–known as proteomics–with its proprietary nanoparticle technology.

Researchers who use Seer’s products can detect novel proteins and protein variants, pushing scientific discovery forward. Through the brand strategy process, we honed in on the revolutionary nature of Seer’s offer: With access to more of the proteome, researchers can understand how to treat and cure diseases; and improve human, plant, and animal health. The brand we created embodies vision and dynamism. Seer’s logo graphic uses rounded and linear shapes to depict the dynamic range of the proteome. We also created a custom typeface based on the 'S' curve that typically results from the data gathered during a proteomics survey. A range of poppy colors enables the brand to stand out from more staid biotech firms, reflecting Seer’s commitment to pushing boundaries. With a website, packaging, marketing toolkits, and promotion for Seer’s IPO, AM:Collab helped the brand launch in a big way, connecting with proteomics and genomics researchers, as well as investors.



Raised in additional funding after brand launch


IPO valuation six months after launch



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