Personalization & Connections


Frustrated with the status quo, Biofourmis revolutionizes healthcare with technology.

Its AI-driven platform reads patient data to deliver precise, timely care through virtual and home-based services. Now patients anywhere can access proactive interventions, medication optimization, digital clinical trials, diagnostics, and more. AM:Collab worked with the founders of Biofourmis and its marketing leaders to develop a brand role—the Pacesetter—that would describe this remarkable new mode of remote care delivery. A detailed brand strategy, complete with revised mission and new values, followed suit. The brand focused on how it uses data to outpace disease and makes connections across the care continuum for patients everywhere. The system of tools for Biofourmis stepped away from the healthcare status quo by emphasizing connectivity in their graphic system, providing a sense of calm through a palette of light neutral colors; a custom photoshoot yielded clean, modern imagery without a gown or gurney in sight. After months of development, the new Biofourmis brand launched with a fresh logo and iconography, enhanced marketing website, event booth, internal party (including custom sneakers and attire), social media templates, and a set of sales tools to inspire the health field to join the revolution of care delivery.



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