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Born in Portland, driven by a mission to revolutionize drug discovery.

With their engineered E. Coli, Absci unlock life-saving potential, transforming it into a potent human protein factory, unveiling a new era of possibilities in the industry. AM:Collab embarked on rebranding journey with Absci, creating a brand system and narrative that celebrated their culture of continuous questioning, deep thinking, and relentless learning. We firmly believe that this mindset is the key to conquering the impossible and realizing the true potential of drug discovery and development – faster, better, and smarter than ever before. In our partnership, we crafted a brand that embodies Absci's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and defying limits. Through a captivating brand story and visual identity, we aimed to inspire and engage audiences, showcasing the incredible possibilities that arise from a culture of constant exploration.



IPO valuation from $1.5 billion before IPO & brand launch

Grambling State University

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